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Dudes of Ellington at Music Lab, Brno

The band was founded in summer of 2016. We play mostly private parties, balls and we cooperate with Swing Wings dancing community. All of us are graduates of Janaček's Academy, Department of Jazz Interpretation. Lukáš did it in one year! Our repertoire consist of songs form early 40's. So that means swing, bro!


Mychal Cálik

// trumpet, flugelhorn


Never talks...scats sometimes.

Marek Kotača

// saxophone, clarinet

Brother of Jiří Kotača. He plays the saxophone. Jiří plays the trumpet, but in another band - Heart of Dixie, check them out!

Lukáš Hasa

// singer, trombone

He sometimes sings with us. He alternates for Jan Galia... and plays the bone. 

Vít Beneš

// guitar


This is Vít. Vít is cool. Be like Vít. Be cool.

Peter Korman

// bass

1+1+1+1 = Swing

Adam Sikora

// drums, cymbals

Swing = 1+1+1+1 (12x8+7/8/0)

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